About us

FBA AG was founded in 1996. During the first years it mainly undertook consulting services for suppliers of financial information, banks and software houses.

In 2001 the company started developing its own FBA DATA MODEL to integrate and normalize data for Financial instruments. Based on this Data model, a data maintenance application was established. For instruments, which are available from data suppliers, adaptors to import, enrich and validate their data were created. As the last modules, export functionality was developed to supply the data in the client specific form to various target systems.

In 2003 the product went into operation for its first client as a „Financial Information Data Hub“ (Valorenzentrale).

Since then, the company has been steadily expanding to add more market data feed adapters, newer functionalities to the product as well as to support the growing customer base.

Partnerships with major business / service providers were entered in order to confirm the portability and operability of the product as well as to satisfy infrastructural and support requirements of bigger clients.

To ensure that the market data feed knowhow as well as the FBA Data Model product knowhow remains within the company as its biggest assets, the key members of the company have become share holders of  the company.

The company has its domicile in Switzerland and offices in Germany.