FBA – Financial Business Applications

Solutions you can rely on

FBA offers solutions to process and integrate data feeds of the world’s main suppliers of financial information.

The basis for this is FBA’s flagship product CFDIB- Consolidated Financial Information Data Base, which was developed by the company and has over the last 10 years been constantly perfected and adapted to new market needs. It is in the meantime used successfully by a multitude of financial institutions.

With the growth of FBA’s client base, more and more data feeds have been integrated and new features have been added. This allows the client a complete transparent integration of data and a consistent and trouble free operation of the application.

For each feed integrated, we also build up the necessary in depth know how to provide a continuous adaption to new versions delivered by the provider as well as to provide consultancy services to our clients to integrate and use the data on a very detailed level.

Various Data suppliers are also our clients. We do specifications and applications for them to derive new data, such as specialized regional tax data from the existing data of the vendor.