This product allows viewing the data delivered by the data provider Wertpapiermitteilungen (WM). All messages and updates are stored on FBA's WM-Database due to which it is possible to view all changes delivered by WM (History) and to retrieve data efficiently.

The application can be so configured that it can be used by

  • the Front- as well as the Back office business users as an intuitive WM data browser
  • Business analysts and programmers to undertake detail analyses, as to what data is delivered by WM for an instrument and what would fit their requirements
  • Backoffice business areas to view the WM- Meta data (e.g. the WM-field identifications, the field descriptions etc.)

Example for a Front office display

Dividend overview for Daimler


Details for the latest dividend in above overview for Daimler

Detail zur aktuellsten Dividende

Example of a Back office or Analysts view

Analysts and Back office users make use of this browser as a tool to analyze which data is to be integrated/used by them as well as to find the attributes referenced in the WM-Data dictionary in data delivered by WM.

The additional info, which can be displayed, is:

  • The field definitions of the supplier WM (e.g. ED001)
  • The complete Domain values for an attribute  by clicking the domain number (e.g. E13)
  • The original values as delivered by WM as well as the mapped (translated) values for each attribute (e.g. the value delivered by WM for field ED001 is value "02" which is translated into the domain value “Proposed” based on the WM Meta data

Dividend details with additional attributes and history

Dividenden Details mit zusätzlichen Feldern und History