Bloomberg Data Suite

The Bloomberg Data Suite provides comprehensive integration of all the Bloomberg’s data license products. It allows the users to integrate the Bloomberg data feed, customize the attributes across various asset classes needed for their day to day operations, view the data for instruments of interest and export them into their distribution/end applications.

When coupled with FBA’s CFIDB, it provides a simple application to not just view the Bloomberg data but also to control, enhance, derive additional attributes before being deployed to end applications or users.
The Bloomberg Data Suite integrates the following Bloomberg data feeds:

  • Per Security data license
  • Back office data license
  • Extended Back office data license
  • Credit Risk

The application allows the client to configure the following:

  • Specify Bloomberg attributes relevant for their needs
  • Specify list of instruments for daily/periodic updates
  • Configure the export format, frequency and periodicity

The application features include the following:

  • View the data as delivered by Bloomberg products across various asset classes
  • View the attributes, their definitions along with scope of the attribute across asset classes as well as Bloomberg data license products
  • View valid domain values (lookup) delivered for a field by clicking on it

Example Front end to view data delivered by Bloomberg

Example to configure fields relevant for the client

Example to configure exports