Consolidated Financial Instruments Data Base

This product allows the integration of financial data feeds of various suppliers and covers the business areas:

  • Instrument static data
  • Event data (e.g. dividends, interest rate changes for floaters, corporate actions etc)
  • End-of-day valuation prices or snap shots of real time prices

Financial instruments can be opened and subsequently maintained. This includes instruments:

  • Where no data is available from the data supplier(s) (e.g. OTC-instruments, internal instruments) → requiring manual recording and subsequent  maintenance
  • Internal instruments for which the clients input the data directly from Issue prospectus

The data import and maintenance process is supported by:

  • Rule definitions, which can be defined by an analyst. These rules allow to derive further data or to reformat data as to the requirements of the client
  • Validations, which allow to check the format and consistency of data as well as its level of completeness

Graphical overview


Valididations & rules

Examples of validations and rules while opening up a new instrument:

Rule: Allocate the "Full name" of an instrument in various languages as shown on the client statements
Validation: The short names of the Instrument are longer than defined in the target system. Therefore the validation requires the user to manually adapt these.

Kurznamen des Instruments sind länger als im Zielsystem definiert

History of changes

The complete and transparent history features allows:

  • To follow the changes of data imported and to see what has been delivered when by which supplier and what additional data has been derived based on those imports/changes
  • To see, what was added/changed by which user and when (manual changes/inputs are protected from further updates by a data provider, unless the data supplied is equal to the data manually input. In that case it is assumed, that it is a correction by the supplier)

Example how changes to an instrument are shown in the history:

The example below shows the changes to the dividend details delivered by a data supplier.

The original message of 17.02.2011 is shown on the right hand side in red. The changes of the subsequent message received of 02.03.2011 are to the left of the original message with the changed attributes marked in red.

Änderung Dividenden-Details

Automation and support by workflows

Workflows support the automation of the maintenance processes as far as possible:

  • If the data imported for an instrument is complete and consistent, the record(s) for the target system(s) are automatically generated and sent. Complete and consistent means that all the mandatory attributes defined have been opened up and the validations have been met.
  • If the data is not consistent or incomplete, it is shown to the user via a predefined workflow and the data can be completed/re-validated via the respective GUI and saved.
  • For valuation prices, automated processes to check for client defined deviations from the previous valuation price at instrument type level as well as missing prices. Example: Instruments of one or more business areas for which the prices are missing or incompletely delivered.

Instrumente mit unvollständigen Daten