FBA Product Services

Our first priority is to continue further development, maintenance and adaption of CFIDB product palette.

This includes integration of changes necessary due to data provider releases / enhancements as well as adaption of client specific exports.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Operational services of the CFIDB product for our clients directly by us or through our partners
  • Data maintenance services for clients directly by us or through our partners
  • Consulting services during setup/restructuring and optimization of data management process for an effective sourcing of Financial data
  • Consulting and setup of data-ware housing infrastructure for distribution to internal as well as external clients (e.g. own feeds, display applications etc.)
  • Integration of data in client applications (e.g. in the areas Basel II/III, internal and external regulatory requirements, MIFID, EU-Tax, Risk management etc)
  • Establish guidelines and workflows for data procurement and maintenance
  • Training on maintenance of Financial information data

Our Knowledge and Experience

  • Exhaustive market data feed know how which enables us to leverage business requirement analysis and project consulting
  • Deriving specialized data from the data feeds of a data supplier for the data supplier (e.g. to add Swiss or German specific tax data, marking of financial innovations, which are exempt from certain taxes etc.)
  • Complex implementation through data derivation and data field validation in the target systems of the customer
  • Setup business process concepts and workflows for further automation on import and maintenance of financial instrument data.