The flagship product of FBA AG is the Consolidated Financial Information Database (CFIDB). This is a platform, which integrates Financial Instrument data from various market data providers.

The product allows clients to take all data from one supplier or integrate and combine the data from various suppliers on a single platform.

Additional feature of this product is that it allows opening and maintaining client’s own financial instruments (example OTC Products etc.), using templates and predefined rules available at Instrument type, -subtype and region levels.

CFIDB’s comprehensive Data Model allows the maintenance of static and event data as well as snap shot and valuation prices for every possible type of financial instrument.


This product is:

  1. A tool (Browser) to analyze the data provided by Wertpapiermitteilungen (WM) and to visually track and display, how the data has changed via updates and new events delivered by the provider.
  2. A browser, which is useful to many of the business areas of a financial institution. It can be customized by the client and allows to view and analyze WM Data in a very comprehensive way, including all changes supplied by the provider

Bloomberg Data Suite

Integrates various Bloomberg Data License products and its subsets - one of the world's most comprehensive Financial Information Data Bases.