FBA offers a wide range of Calypso specific services.

Our Specialists have extensive Financial Service Industry background and rich technical and functional expertise to provide the following offerings for the Calypso Application.

Implementation Services

With solid Financial Service Industry background and technical expertise for the Calypso application, we provide the following Calypso implementation services:

  • Full or modular implementation of Calypso components
  • Requirements gathering, documentation & implementation of Calypso Solutions
  • Interface development for Calypso application to various downstream/upstream systems
  • Design and do Custom Reports, Custom Schedule Tasks & other possible extensions
  • End to End Project Management for Calypso Implementations

Upgrade Services

With skilled resources and profound experience in calypso upgrades, we provide following services:

  • Gap Analysis for Calypso Upgrades to early identify GAPs on version upgrade
  • Technical upgrade to migrate code from existing versions of Calypso to new version of calypso including custom code of the organization
  • Providing Solutions & Configuring the system for new functionality on upgrades
  • Providing Training to customer staff on version upgrades
  • Functional & Regression Service Packs specifically designed for Calypso Upgrades
  • End to End Project Management for Calypso Upgrades

Testing Services

With our functional and technical expertise, we provide following testing services:

  • Test Packages for Functional¬† and Regression testing for Upgrade and/or Implementation Services
  • Create an automated Testing Framework for Upgrade and/or Implementation Services
  • Provide experience resources for the project as needed

Our Knowledge and Experience

What will you gain with FBA AG?

  • Deep Functional & Technical Expertise
  • Resources with average of 5+ years of Calypso Experience
  • Expertise in building Interface, Tool to accelerate Calypso implementation/upgrades
  • Expertise in managing and doing Large Scale Implementation/Upgrade Projects

Current projects

We are working with some of the key financial market players including Large Scale Investment banks.
Some of our recent projects include:

Calypso Rollout Projects

We are engaged with one of the big investment banks to roll out Calypso for 17 countries. 
With our Calypso experts and experience in managing large-scale projects, we have successfully rolled out 10 countries up to now.
Our team experts have won confidence of management for quality of the services and timely escalation of project issues.

Calypso Upgrade Projects

We are engaged with more than one investment bank for Calypso Upgrade Projects.
With the help of Calypso Functional and Technical experts, we have succeeded in delivering Calypso Upgrade services for upgrading Accounting, Back Office and Front Office Modules.